Super Junior 8 years ♥

Hittade en ganska bra text på Tumblr...

"My darling, precious babies. I’m so, unbelievably proud of you ;~; I’ve only been aware of you for half of your existence.. but as the years go on, that fraction will diminish until those 4 years are nothing compared to the years and years of joy you brought me thereafter.  Shindong is right; 8 years is nothing. I’m still holding out for another 80, at least. To everyone that was and to everyone that is part of Super Junior, thank you. Thank you for the laughs and the tears. Thank you for filling me when I thought I would be empty forever. Thank you for finding me huddled in the darkness and bringing the light with you. I am eternally grateful for all you’ve done for me, regardless of the fact that you are not, nor probably ever will be aware of it.  I will never love another group quite as intensely as I love you.

Thank you, Leeteuk, for pouring your heart and soul into building Super Junior to be the best it can be. It is your legacy and you should be proud of all your hard work. 

Heechul, thank you for coming back the same weird, unfathomable human being we all know and love. Thank you for not giving a damn what anyone thinks and for always standing up for what you believe in. 

Hangeng, thank you for the short time we got to spend with you. You are forever missed.

Yesung, thank you for never wavering in you eccentricities and for being the vocal cornerstone. We miss you and can’t wait for your return. ;;

Kangin, thank you for your undying charm and humility. Thank you for coming back and never ceasing in your attempts to improve yourself. You’ve gone above and beyond what anyone expected of you and I really respect you for that. Please don’t be afraid to shine now.

Shindong, thank you for your humor and hard work. You help keep the group young. Thank you for never giving up.

Sungmin, thank you for your endless talent and perseverance.  I know you think you’re not talented at anything because you have to work twice as hard at some thing, but that is a talent in and of itself. You master almost everything you try and there are very few who can do that. 

Eunhyuk, thank you for being a natural-born leader, for being the glue that keeps the group stuck together. Honestly, if not for you, I wonder if Super Junior would be going as long and strong as it is now. You value every member of your team and do not hesitate to express it. Thank you for being the backbone of the group. 

Siwon, thank you for never-ending kindness and for rarely adhering to the status quo, despite everyone’s expectations of you. You have it ~all~ and yet you’re the most humble, insanely weird person I’ve ever encountered. Thank you for being the most unconventional ~*face*~ the group could have.

Zhou Mi, thank you for spreading your inherent light like wildfire and for never letting your it be extinguished. Thank you for putting up with more than your fair share of hate and for never giving up. Thank you for all that you pour into Super Junior, your blood, sweat, tears and love. I can promise you that one day you’ll get it back in full. 

Donghae, thank you for significantly lowering the average mental age of Super Junior. Thank you for your love and your gratitude.  And thank you for being one of us; the #1, best EFL in all the world. No one loves Super Junior more than Lee Donghae~

Ryeowook, thank you for your voice and your never-failing optimism. You love and support all of your members probably to the same degree that their mothers do. You’re selfless with your love and support and I know it must mean the world to those that receive it. 

Kibum, thank you for giving Super Junior a shot. Sorry it wasn’t for you. Thank you for being a friend to my boys even now, though.

Kyuhyun, goodness… thank you for everything. For being something I could cling to when I needed it most, for singing like an angel and for secretly hiding those wings beneath your silver tongue. Thank you for all you do from the shadows and never seeking praise for it. Thank you for being the most unique maknae in the world of K-pop and adding another star on Super Junior’s shining list of accomplishments. 

Henry, thank you for being a role model. You chased your dream all the way from Candyland and look how far you’ve come. You gave me a lot of home when I first got to Korea. Every time I felt down, I would remind myself to think of you and things started to improve. You’ve reminded me to never give up and to follow my dream. Thank you for superfluous talent and for sharing it with us. 

I love you all so dearly and I’m so happy I’m finally able to walk the soil you walk. I cannot wait to see you in concert and I’ll never stop supporting you. A large chunk of my happiness has and always will lie with you.  As foolish as that may be. Thank you… for everything. Happy anniversary, lovelies ♡"
(Creds: kyuclam)

Thank you for everything. 8 years since your debut, ∞ years of love and laughter!


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